The Outer Worlds all you need to know

The Outer Worlds is essentially trying to appeal to a very specific niche in the game industry, and you probably know if you’re in it. The good news is, it really seems like it’s going to deliver on what it promises. If I have a hesitation it’s that not much of what I’ve seen so far feels especially new or groundbreaking, but I’m not sure it’s trying to be. This is comfort food for Fallout fans, and that is no bad thing.

The Outer Worlds as another wacky space opera, complete with eccentric characters and off-beat humor. But to leave it there would be to belie a game with over 20 years of history behind it. 

The team behind The Outer Worlds has worked on some of the most popular RPGs in the world. Producers Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are credited with the creation of the prestigious Fallout franchise, with Cain working as creator, producer, and lead programmer, and Boyarsky serving as the lead artist responsible for Fallout’s signature 1950’s style, in addition to helping oversee the game’s overall direction.

Release date

The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division. The game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on October 25, 2019

With original Fallout designers on-board, The Outer Worlds looks like a cross between Fallout and Firefly, taking us to a funny and bright-looking sci-fi universe. For Fallout fans who didn’t love 76, this should scratch that New Vegas itch. Wes saw it in action recently—here’s what he thought of Obsidian’s latest. 

The Plot

On the edge of the solar system, an old scientist runs through the corridors of an abandoned colony ship. He pauses before a cryostasis control panel and, of all the thousands of scientists and engineers he could’ve thawed out, for some reason he chooses me: a janitor called Pippin with a twirly moustache and a wonky moral compass.

This is the beginning of a quirky romp across a solar system ruled by brutal corporations. The Outer Worlds is a light-hearted RPG that aims to emulate the Firefly fantasy. The Outer Worlds is a light-hearted RPG that aims to emulate the Firefly fantasy. , and shoot people with cool laser guns.

The game’s retrofuturistic aesthetics and dark sense of humour pitches The Outer Worlds against Bethesda’s Fallout games, but there are important differences. True, you have ray guns, and companions who will shoot enemies and stand around staring awkwardly into walls, but this game isn’t a sprawling sandbox experience. You hop between planets and space stations, exploring fairly large (and very pretty) zones full of corporate employees staving off plagues and wild animal attacks. Each area is loaded with loot and sidequests, but it’s a tight and prescriptive RPG. You fetch science fiction gadgets for quest givers and make some entertaining moral decisions.

The mechanics

That’s not a bad thing, but in a world of 70-hour RPGs it’s useful to set expectations. The Outer Worlds is a pulpy choose-your-own-adventure experience. If you don’t go in expecting a deep systems-driven sandbox, it’s a pleasure to breeze through.

There’s still plenty to tinker with. When you level up you get ten points to pour into your character’s stat sheet. I went all-in on my handgun competency to pay homage to Obsidian’s cult spy RPG Alpha Protocol, but you can also put stock in personality traits like perception and intelligence to unlock extra conversation options. I recommend that. Pippin the space janitor is an exceptional liar, which means I can mess with corporate stooges in entertaining ways.

You can also mod weapons to add sights, improve their ammo capacity or, most importantly, change their damage type. There’s a loose rock paper scissors system to combat. Energy weapons mess up animals, electric weapons mess up robots, and pretty much anything messes up humans. You don’t really have to care about that if you don’t want to, however. For hand-wavy science reasons you can slow down time and easily line up headshots. You can equip melee weapons too, and if you unlock the right skills there’s a light parry system that lets you block precisely to rebound opponents.


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