Music in gaming videos can set the tone, raise energy, and punctuate epic moments. Today’s list counts down the 10 best gaming music tracks in 2019

The best game music sets the mood and helps your imagination fill in the blanks where simple graphics or a necessary ocean of UI cannot. We’ll never have time to play or hear everything, but out of 2019’s innumerable glut of great games, here are the soundtracks that stuck with us.

Read and listen below, and if you hear something you like consider heading to the linked composer pages and picking up a soundtrack or two. And if we’re missing something, be sure to share your favorite game music of 2019 in the comments.


0:00 Against The Current – Legends Never Die (Alan Walker Remix)

2:45 Unknown Brain – Why Do I? (feat. Bri Tolani)

6:30 Au5 ft. Danyka Nadeau – Closer [NCS Release]

10:46 HOPEX – Eternity

13:35 Hopex – chaos

17:17 Braken – To The Stars

20:39 Phantom Sage – Shaded (ft. Miss Lina)

25:25 NIVIRO – Memes

28:20 Chime – Phototropic

32:25 WE ARE FURY – For The Moment (feat. Fletcher Mills)

36:42 Sinner’s Heist – Streetlight People (feat. Harley Bird)

40:16 Marin Hoxha & Chris Linton – Hold Me Back

43:38 Jesse Warren – Don’t Look Down

47:38 Direct & Matt Van – I Don’t Mind

51:23 Subtact – Friends (feat. Bri Tolani)


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