Gaming music is a tool that can control emotion and can establish the tone of story being told. Within film, many fans look at the soundtrack as a foundation to set the scene. This is no different in the video game industry. The nature of video games allows a more immersive experience than film. You are controlling the actions of a character rather than watching it happen. With some games, however, you can play with the sound turned off. So, for a video game developer it is vital that you have a soundtrack that can create an atmosphere to really captivate the player.

The best gaming music sets the mood and helps your imagination fill in the blanks where simple graphics or a necessary ocean of UI cannot. We’ll never have time to play or hear everything, but out of 2019’s innumerable glut of great games, here are the soundtracks that stuck with us.

Read and listen below, and if you hear something you like consider heading to the linked composer pages and picking up a soundtrack or two. And if we’re missing something, be sure to share your favorite game music of 2019 in the comments.

0:00 TheFatRat & Anjulie – Close To The Sun

3:10 Jo Cohen & BQ – Glowing At Night

6:10 NEFFEX – Destiny

9:36 Vexento – Masked Heroes

12:08 ROY KNOX – Earthquake [NCS Release]

16:06 Jimmy Hardwind – Want Me (feat. Mike Archangelo)

20:00 Disfigure – Blank VIP (feat. Tara Louise) _NCS Release_

24:40 Krys Talk – Fly Away [NCS Release]

29:24 Culture Code – Fairytale (feat. Amanda Collis) [NCS Release]

32:35 Coopex – I Miss You [NCS Release]

35:17 it’s different – shadows (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release]

38:57 Arlow – How Do You Know [NCS Release]

41:55 Disfigure – Hollah [NCS Release]

44:35 Nimi Dovrat – Run With You (feat.Shannon Lawn)

47:01 Slushii – Emptiness

50:45 Laszlo – Here We Are [NCS Release]


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