Watch the dramatic Diablo 4 cinematic trailer

It’s been over seven years since the initial release of Diablo 3, so obviously we’re champing at the bit to start another monstrous loot hunt in Diablo 4.

After months of rumors, the title has been officially confirmed by Blizzard at Blizzcon 2019 – and we now know that Diablo 4 is an isometric action RPG which sees the return of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto. The game will feature an open world map with five regions, day/night cycles and a non-linear campaign. You’ll smash and loot your way through this world with one of five customizable classes, three of which are already announced. 

Finally, it’s being designed in a brand-new engine for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with plans to simultaneously release it on all platforms. Take a look at all the new trailers and info below.

Diablo 4’s gameplay trailer

Diablo 4 is looking smooth. The game’s darker art style stands out, though we’ve yet to see how busy the game will get once loot is popping out of enemies by the dozens. You can ride horses! Druids are back! Lots of good stuff happening here.

What are Diablo 4’s starting classes?

Three classes were announced for Diablo 4: the barbarian, sorceress, and druid. In a panel following the announcement, it was confirmed that there will be five total classes. Details on those aren’t available yet. 

Diablo IV’s Barbarian Gameplay

Diablo IV’s Sorceress Gameplay

Diablo IV’s Druid Gameplay

How do the online features work?

BlizzCon attendees were able to get their hands on the game, and our first impression was that it’s a game whose stark and desolate look is in contrast with its always-online elements, which guarantee that other players will be running past as you explore it: “There’s no queuing or anything like that, but seeing players who are clearly on the same quest, but aren’t a permanent part of my world, reminds me that this isn’t just my adventure.”

If you’d like to know more about how Diablo 4’s shared world works, here’s our breakdown of that. The main takeaways are that dungeons will be instanced for solo or partied players, and in the overworld you’ll see more players in towns and safe areas—though there’s no option to turn them off altogether, even if you’re solo. World events will draw players together, and you’ll be able to ride mounts to cross great distances. Difficulty can be set when you enter a dungeon, while above ground it will be scaled to your level (though there is a permadeath mode).

Diablo 4 art leak

An official Blizzard artbook ad directly referenced Diablo 4. As reported by VGC, an ad in the German game magazine Game Star states the artbook has “more than 500 artworks from Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Diablo 4.” Yep, it just comes right out and says it.

A few days after this leak, Twitter user WeakAuras shared a legit page from the art book that reveals Lilith’s (the Queen of the Succubi from Diablo 2) return in Diablo 4. “Lilith’s debut in Diablo IV is a reimagining of her form that is far different from her previous appearance,” reads the page. At the bottom, you can see new concept art.


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